Sanam Sadeghi

Licensed Master Social Worker


Hi, I’m Sanam Sadeghi. I specialize in Trauma/PTSD/CPTSD, Liberation psychology/anti-oppressive framework, Anxiety/Depression, Relationship issues, ADHD, relationship and attachment issues, immigrant families and cultural/racial identities.

As your therapist, we will work together to explore your past and understand how you adapted to your earliest experiences and how those experiences and adaptations are connected to issues in your present.

Sanam Sadeghi, LMSW of Balanced Mind of New York.

How I Can Help

I am a first generation Iranian woman living in diaspora, which has given me thoughtful insight into the challenges of connecting to cultural identity; having come from an immigrant family has opened up my ability to connect with a broader demographic. As a writer and musician, I have a particular knowledge and understanding of other creatives, bringing a further empathetic perspective to our sessions. I am sex and body positive, and have an expansive view of sexuality, gender and relationships. My goal is to build a space where my clients can feel free to be totally themselves without fear of judgment or shame.

I use an anti-oppressive framework which allows us to not only make sense of your past, but to understand the ways that the systems in which you existed have affected you. I am influenced by object relations theory (which has evolved into attachment theory), liberation psychology, CBT, and internal family systems/parts work theory. Let’s free your mind and soul so you can be and achieve everything you’ve wanted and more!

What Makes Me Credible

  • Licensed Master Social Worker (License: LMSW NY 121948)
  • Master of Science in Social Work at New York University
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Are you a new client? Please feel free to contact me or self-schedule below.

I believe that every individual has the power to become whatever they have dreamed of for themselves.

Sanam Sadeghi, LMSW